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FAQ >> What do I do if I am unable to repay the loan by the due date?

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If you think you will not have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover your repayment, contact us immediately to halt the direct debit.

You must advise the lender at least two business days prior to the direct debit date to avoid any failed payment fees.

If you don't contact the lender and you miss your repayment, the direct debit is declined by your bank resulting in a $35 failed payment fee from the lender plus a dishonour fee from your bank. Your account will then be considered overdue and you can be liable for further daily overdue fees to cover the cost of the collections process.

If you have problems repaying during the relationship, we may reduce the amount available to you on subsequent cash advances or make further cash advances unavailable.

Our lender is always careful to lend amounts which will not lead to repayment difficulty or bad credit - but we also ask you not to borrow from us if you think you might struggle to repay for any reason.


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