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Debit Card Facility

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Want To Manage Your Finances Like A Professional while being Debt-Free?

Your Debit Card is your key to instant cash, 24/7. When you first join up, our affiliated lender will post you a free Debit Card. Then after your first cash advance, you get cash straight onto your card within seconds. All you need to do is ask.

Your Debt Card can be used at any ATM, anywhere in Australia.

  • Cash in seconds instead of waiting 24 hours for EFT transfers.
  • You are paid 24/7 regardless of bank hours.
  • Get Cash in seconds anywhere, anytime using your mobile phone.
  • View your account online at anytime
  • Access your own funds or payday loans via ATM's and EFTPOS anytime
  • Transact between other bank accounts

So how is this card different from a credit card? If you are used to credit cards, you know that they tempt you to spend and spend. Many people find that they end up borrowing beyond their means because spending on credit is effortless and seamless.A debit card helps you to spend your money wisely.

Here's why:

A debit card is directly attached to your own savings account. Therefore, your every purchase is directly deducted from your savings. But how is this an advantage to you? Think about it this way. When you use a credit card, you are borrowing money from the bank.

This borrowed amount has interest that piles up whenever you miss the repayment due date. In basic term, credit card means debt.

But when you use a debit card you are spending your own money you can not spend more than you have.