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Cash Advance

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We realise you need cash fast.

Get Cash Fast!

How does money in less than 60 minutes sound? If you apply within business hours we'll transfer the cash advance directly into your preferred bank account within an hour. As a returning client you get paid onto your Debit Card in seconds any time of the day, even weekends and public holidays. Getting paid in just 60 minutes is the fastest short term loan in Australia - that's fast!

Get Cash Cheap!

Everyone is a little scared to try new things.  It is even more scary when ‘new’ is combined with ‘loan’. That's why we're giving you the chance to try our cash advances for only 1 cent. You won't find a better deal anywhere else - you only repay 1 cent more than you borrow.

That's too cheap - what's the catch?

Well, we want to introduce our product to you. We're very excited about it and of course we hope you'll think it's amazing too. Along the way you can see exactly how it works and how much it usually costs.

You can try a Cash Doctors cash advance today and if you never use us again, no problem. There's no long-term obligation. Just repay what you borrowed plus the additional 1 cent. 

Borrow $400 and pay back $400.1 – That’s Cheap.

This is the best deal in Australia - that's how cheap it is.

Find Out About Easy Cash!

Who likes paperwork? That's why our application form is entirely online and doesn't involve faxing documents.
You can apply for a cash advance in a couple of minutes from the comfort of your home or even in your lunch break at work.

We don't need a lot of info to process your application and the majority of the details you probably know by heart. Like your earnings after tax, your rent or mortgage payments and your bank account details. The days of searching, finding and faxing old payslips and utility bills are history.

What we offer is a Cash Advance which is

  • Fast

  • Cheap

  • and Easy

Try it today and you will be coming back for more!

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